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Dominos Pizza

Sentiment Analysis Suite 

As a restaurant operator, you know that a single customer complaint can potentially tarnish your image, leading to lost revenues or other financial penalties. TCNIQ helps you swiftly identify and resolve dissatisfied customer calls, in real time, safeguarding your brand and boosting your franchise operational reviews.

TCNIQ scans through all your store’s conversations and messages, flagging calls for negative sentiment or pre-determined keywords like the corporate franchise’s 1-800 number. This allows you to address customer concerns promptly, protect your brand, and increase customer satisfaction.

Al-based TCNIQ is a cost-effective, real-time tool that offers a range of benefits to your restaurant franchise.

Here’s how:

– Protect Your Reputation: Avoid negative reviews by addressing customer issues promptly.
– Avoid Financial Penalties: Franchise penalties per call to the corporate 800 number or during operational reviews can add up quickly.TCNIQ helps you identify and resolve issues before they escalate.
– Minimize Operational Risks and Speed Up Issue Resolution: TCNIQ offers cost-effective, Al-based tools to swiftly identify and resolve negative customer encounters, helping protect your reputation, avoid financial penalties, and improve customer satisfaction.
– Identify Problems Caused by Third-Party Services: TCNIQ allows you to detect problems stemming from third-party ordering and delivery apps. Taking proactive measures to address and resolve these issues helps protect your reputation and elevate customer satisfaction.

Whether orders come in via phone or an online app, don’t let customer service issues cost you time, money, and your reputation.

“TCNIQ is a service that we have been waiting for. TCNIQ identifies immediately where high negative sentiment occurs and alerts us in real time, so our management can immediately resolve it….The VPS management Portal reporting is easy to implement and measure TNCIQ against KPIs and other stores. We are also experience great cost savings versus us using an outside service…. In sum, TCNIQ is a great service that we can easily implement, that dramatically increases customer satisfaction, enhances our brand, and is instrumental in coaching CSRs and building their skills.” – Rob Scheiper, MAR PIZZA