Dominos Pizza
Dominos Pizza

The Situation:

MAR Pizza Inc. owns more than 70 Domino’s Pizza stores located in Los Angeles, Chicago and South Carolina. The MAR Pizza executive team knew that many of their stores were not attaining their operating potential. Store orders were split between telephone (50%), online/web (40%) and the remainder as walk-in. Because of antiquated analog phone service, calls during “Busy Time” (Thursday to Sunday) were either not answered or customers received busy signals. Abandoned calls were significant. Bilingual calls were connected with the wrong customer service representative. Telephone network outages accounted for significant revenue loss. Finally, the team was unable to obtain call statistics, analytics, and detailed reports to determine the root cause of operational issues.

The Solution:

In Spring of 2014, Unified Office discussed MAR Pizza’s requirements, and how Total Connect Now communications service could be utilized to improve their performance. Total Connect Now is a managed service that integrates business analytics and monitoring to provide store personnel with key performance indicators (KPIs), including Hold Time, Bilingual Call, Talk Time, Call Abandonment, Caller ID, audible alerts (“Incoming Call”, “Manager Call”, “MVP”) on a flat-screen HDTV, and an Auto Attendant that queues incoming calls to 6-12 handsets. Total Connect Now integrates with Domino’s point-of-sale system, and also provides a rich portfolio of KPI analytics and reports for any store, or combination of stores for any time period, accessible via the web “Owner’s Portal” at any time, from anywhere. The decision was made in May 2014 to subscribe to Unified Office’s Total Connect Now service at MAR Pizza.

The Result:

In the first quarter since deploying Total Connect Now, MAR Pizza has seen the following results:

• Substantial increase in successful call handling, increase in average order size, which results in same-store revenue growth.

• Eliminated phone busy signals by having the auto attendant assign incoming calls to the queue

• Daily/Weekly “Specials” played to callers while they are in the order queue

• Customers experienced a significant reduction in hold times, based on store management monitoring KPI statistics and taking corrective actions

• Same-store revenue increased as a result of process improvements, effectiveness, and upselling

• Minimized revenue losses during a power outage by automatically detecting, and re-directing incoming calls to a nearby store