Three Essential Ingredients -videos

3 ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS Of A QSR Business Communications Service

3-part Videocast Series for Domino’s Franchise Owners

No. 1

Eliminating Missed Calls and Capturing More Sales

How many phone orders are you missing during peak demand hours?

Are your customers getting busy signals or hanging up because they are tired of waiting on-hold?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you may be losing 10% to 50% of your sales. Missed calls are missed sales!

Watch this video and learn how to convert every call into its maximum value!

Part 1: Converting Phone Calls Into Dollars

No. 2

80-store Franchisee Shares Keys to Operational Excellence

See how an award-winning Domino’s franchisee with 80 U.S. stores in three states boosted his stores operational excellence.

In this video, Rob Scheiper, Partner at MAR Pizza Group, shares his keys to driving operational excellence across his national franchise operation.

Watch this video and learn what Rob did that resulted in these words…

“Store sales just went through the roof”

Part 2: Driving Operational Excellence

No. 3

Create a Winning Store Culture That Drives Performance

See how a 16-store New England-based Domino’s franchisee boosted performance by building a winning store culture.

In this video, Chris Courtemanche, VP Operations for Dufficy Enterprises, shares how to build a winning store culture with help from an in-store intelligent “wallboard” that operates as a “virtual coach” for his team.

Watch the video and learn how…“From the day we put it in, it was like fireworks, sales went up $5000 the 1st week…and stayed there”

Part 3: Creating a Winning Store Culture

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