Restaurant Services

Unified Office is a provider of fully managed business VoIP services, integrating a quality and support program that starts with a prospect engagement, through a site survey, network and call quality assessment process, and extends all the way through the integration, testing, deployment and support lifecycle. Around the clock, we proactively monitor all end-to-end service assets (on-premise, private/public cloud, hardware, software, quality, availability), using specially developed diagnostic tools. Our commitment to supporting our business customers and resellers is paramount.

Captures Peak Demand Revenue

Lost calls mean lost revenue. Legacy phone service can’t process all of the incoming calls during times of peak demand. As a result callers receive busy signals and business is lost. We live in real time very impatient world and when calls go unanswered, callers are likely going to call your competitors. Unified Office captures peak order calls for your store and queues callers with an on-premise intelligent auto attendant, delivering virtually unlimited store call capacity. No longer do you have to lose business due to network capacity issues. Recapture revenues that you didn’t know you were losing with Unified Office.

Managed VoIP & Business Analytics Deliver Extraordinary Value for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

Quick Service Restaurant owners must deliver an exceptional customer experience and create a winning store culture to maximize their revenue and compete effectively. Total Connect Now℠ and the patented Visual Performance Suite™ (VPS) managed communications service delivers Business-class, reliable VoIP communications and programmable business analytics.These services provide visibility into business operations, measure key service performance metrics, and deliver actionable intelligence in real time. Check out how Total Connect Now℠ and VPS managed services can impact your restaurants in a powerful way.

Dominos Quick Service Restaurants

Driving Additional Revenues
Increasing Operational Excellence
Creating a Winning Store Culture

Independent Quick Service Restaurants

Capture & Convert Peak Revenue Calls
Avoid Revenue Losses with Business Continuity
Increase Executive Real Time Control