SMB VoIP Solutions

Unified Office is a provider of fully managed business communications services, integrating a quality and support program that starts with a prospect engagement, through a site survey, network and call quality assessment process, and extends all the way through the integration, testing, deployment and support lifecycle. Around the clock, we proactively monitor all end-to-end service assets (on-premise, private/public cloud, hardware, software, quality, availability), using specially developed diagnostic tools. Our commitment to supporting our business customers and resellers is paramount.

VoIP Business Solutions

As a business owner, you can’t risk losing a single business transaction to a competitor…

The world is changing. The ever-increasing pace of innovation and technology creates challenges for today’s businesses. The ways in which we go about conducting business have completely changed as well. People are now hyper-connected with mobile devices and multiple ways of communicating and conducting business (phone, email, video, IM/chat, text/SMS, social media). Consumers expect instant response from a business, or quickly move on and make their purchases elsewhere.

We’ve integrated the most reliable open standard VoIP and cloud innovations and deliver a feature-rich, device-agnostic business communications service to create the ultimate unified virtual office. It’s called Total Connect Now℠, an “Any Device, Any Place” architecture that truly enables mobility in today’s workplace. With Total Connect Now, your business follows you wherever you are, on whatever device you are using. BYOD tablets, smartphones, and laptops are fully integrated with the office desktop environment, gaining access to enterprise-class communications features such as visual voicemail, audio-video conferencing, virtual receptionist, fax and instant messaging. Total Connect Now ensures that your business is reachable on any of your devices, making you more competitive.

“In my mind, another huge benefit of bringing Unified Office onboard as a partner of ours is their managed-services solution …. Subscribing to this service has taken a lot of stress off my mind. It’s unbelievable. I don’t even have to think about how and where we communicate anymore. Unified Office has taken complete responsibility for it. We are excited about deploying the rest of the Total Connect Now services very soon to future-proof our business communications.” -Doug Bates, President, Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce