Visual Performance Suite Analytics

Providing INCREASED REVENUE Opportunities For Quick-Service Restaurants

Through Gains in Operational Efficiency…

Total Connect Now℠ and the patented Visual Performance Suite™ (VPS) application with key performance indicators provides real-time actionable communications metrics to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) operator. Throughout the day, customer service representatives and their managers utilize the highly visible display as a simple tool to increase their effectiveness. VPS presents real-time visual and audible cues to help maintain a high level of awareness about customer service performance levels.

Reduce Call Wait Times (Time To Answer)

Increased awareness of incoming call activity helps reduce call wait times, or “Time To Answer” (TTA). Customer Service Representative (CSR) is alerted with audible and visual cues that a customer is calling the store and to take proactive measures.

Reduce Customer Hold Times

Customer service and loyalty is positively impacted when hold times are kept to a minimum. Audible alerts remind the CSR to pickup a customer who has been on hold for too long, helping to reduce call abandonments, and arguably lost orders, to a minimum level.

Web-Based Real-Time and Periodic KPI Reports

Access store Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and historical data at any time, from any location, via web browser (PC, tablet computer).
Manager’s Portal provides consolidated view of one/all stores, with store-to-store KPI comparisons easily generated for daily, weekly, and period-based reporting.
Real-time reports are actionable by the manager on-duty. Period reports are important as a measure of store-to-store and franchise-to-corporate performance metrics.

Establishes & Reinforces Phone Etiquette Best Practices

Audible alerts heard (“Incoming Call”, “Spanish Call”) prior to phone ringing, allows CSR to change focus and quickly answer calls accurately while following store’s best practices. On-screen rotational messages encourage and remind CSR to answer customer calls with a great attitude, consistently upsell product, and WOW!! the customer.

Enhanced Customer Interaction Leads to Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Point-of-Sale compatibility with Caller ID handoff provides additional customer details to CSR – first/last name, order history, phone confirmation, delivery address.
Enhances CSR rapport with customers, including MVPs, which provides an opportunity to upsell or add to the order.

Choice of Language (Bi-lingual IVR)

Caller is prompted to select their preferred spoken language (English/Spanish), which is then saved and retrieved for use with any future calls. Language-specific prompts are played and caller is automatically routed to an appropriate order or manager queue. CSR fluent in caller’s preferred language efficiently answers caller and completes the order.

Customizable Advertising and Promotion

Provides the opportunity for franchise-wide, regional, or store-by-store messaging, allowing franchise owners to develop unique bi-lingual campaigns and market to specific demographic groups by day-week-month.

Business Continuity / Call Diversion

Power outages disable an entire store operation, with ovens, point-of-sale terminals, telecom, and other equipment completely inoperative. Revenue loss is easily avoided however, by diverting your customers to a virtual service location (nearby store, mobile hunt group, call center operation).
During a broadband outage, callers are transparently and automatically connected to the store via mobile data/backup lines or analog/POTS circuits. This call continuity service limits revenue downside during an outage, and any overflow callers can be diverted to a virtual service location.

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