Unified Office launches next generation AI-based Sentiment Analysis Suite.


Sentiment Analysis Suite

Unified Office Launches Next Generation AI-based Sentiment Analysis Suite.

Unified Office’s Sentiment Analysis Suite TCNIQ™ scans your recorded calls and screens them for happiness, exuberance, anger, sadness, and pre-determined keywords to identify customers who need extra care or employees who require more coaching or both.  It enables businesses to save time by not having to manually review every recorded call. 

TCNIQ™ enables companies to improve customer service, grow revenues and reduces the time to identify positive and or problematic customer service issues. 

Benefits include: 

          • Automatically scanning thousands of conversations to detect calls for negative or positive customer sentiment. 
          • Helping to grow your revenues. 
          • Reward superior customer service and coach and train your staff. 
          • Analyze the data and upsell with advanced analytics.
          • Assist with your marketing tools. 
          • Data analysis that can for example determine who your most important customers are.
          • Gain further insight into your customer base. 
          • Access to your data on the go and on any device. 

One customer currently using TCNIQTM, Rob Scheiper, a Dominos Franchise owner said, “TCNIQ is a great service that we can easily implement, that dramatically increases customer satisfaction, enhances our brand, and is instrumental in coaching our staff and helping to increase their skills.”


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