Solution for Independent Operator

QSR Business Communications Service For Independent Operators

Unified Office (UO) Total Connect Now℠ (TCN) with the patented Visual Performance Suite™ (VPS) is a powerful “Business Class” communications managed service with analytics software that helps franchisees and store managers drive revenue capture, increase operational effectiveness, and create a winning store culture. Key benefits are as follows:

Captures Peak Demand Revenue

Legacy phone service “clips” peak demand. Unified Office captures peak order calls for a store and queues callers with an on-premise auto attendant. Unlimited call capacity.

Increased Real-time Store Team Effectiveness

Unified Office’s VPS “wallboard” displays real-time call KPI’s (“speedometers”), and coaches store team to increase their effectiveness and capture more revenue.


Independent Operator John Roy of Pizza 911 talks about Unified Office

“You get your money back immediately and then some! It…makes your lives so much easier! …you have peace of mind that your phones are never going down, you control your staff, increase your ticket value, increase the number of orders…and just grow your business…”

Increased Executive Real-time Control

Unified Office’s VPS web-based Manager’s Portal consolidates and presents real-time store KPIs and real-time alerts, allowing executives to manage each store’s performance.

Provides Premier Managed Service

TCN managed service offloads store managers from dealing with on-site equipment, broadband, and network services (installation, activation, problem ID, service management).

Provides Non-Stop Business Continuity

TCN managed service avoids revenue losses with multiple network resilience levels, geography-based cloud redundancy, Highest Quality Routing on every call, on-premise server for rapid problem isolation and repair, plus automatic broadband failover.

Increases Upsell and Staff Development

Whisper coaching. Staff call recordings and archiving for review and coaching.

Dramatically Increase Food Savings, Safety, Compliance

With TCNOPS™, track, report and manage refrigeration, prep table, and more.