Find out how Unified Office helped
Team New Bedford grow their revenue by 35%.

Total Connect Now℠ is a powerful “Business Class” communications managed service with analytics that helps franchisees and store managers drive revenue capture and increase operational effectiveness.
  • Capture all Known and Unknown Missed Peak Calls and Drive New Revenue
  • Better: Promote staff upsell messaging to capture a higher average order size
  • Enhance the customer experience by eliminating busy signals and curbside pickup

We improve process and drive revenue by...

Capturing Peak Revenue Calls

Converting Peak Calls to Incremental Revenue

Avoiding Revenue Losses with Non-Stop Business Continuity

Boosting Real Time Executive Control

Building Your Franchise, not your Communications Service

Increasing Ticket Value and Staff Development

Learn how they did it...

“Unified Office is much more than a phone system, it’s a sales tool and has helped me increase my business over 35% this year, I couldn’t have done this without them.”

Shane Switser, PizzaMan
Lyndonville, VT

It's as easy as this 3 step process

1. Start a Conversation
Sit down and discuss your challenges.

2. Detailed Assessment
Our in-depth analysis will
address your challenges.

3. Manage New Growth
Use TCN service to grow revenue and operational effectiveness.

Testimonials from a single store Domino's franchise owner to a large franchise owner with up to 80 Domino's stores.

“Unified Office’s service educated us on how many phone calls we were actually missing, which allowed us to buy more phones and registers, which in turn resulted in increased sales for the entire company! And we no longer have the outages and down phones like we did when we had AT&T, which occurred at least once a month!”

Drew Weber
Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Pizza Company
5 store chain – Company and Franchise stores

“You get your money back immediately and then some! It…makes your lives so much easier! …you have peace of mind that your phones are never going down, you control your staff, increase your ticket value, increase the number of orders…and just grow your business!”

John Roy, Pizza 911
QSR Operator & Unified Office Customer

“We have grown our business, improved our operatioonal efficiency and created a culture of hustle with this service. It’s simply a better way to train and manage our staff to serve the customer.”

Pam Tobie
Owner & Manager of 6 Dominos Stores in San Diego, CA


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