Full-Service Restaurant

Managed VoIP & Business Analytics For Full-Service Restaurants

Unified Office Total Connect Now℠ with Visual Performance Suite™ (VPS) is a powerful “Business Class” communications managed service to help Optimize Reservations, Drive Revenue and Improve Customer Experience. Total Connect Now and VPS bring tremendous value to FSR’s with the following value propositions:

Capture Peak and Off-Hours Reservation Revenue

Streamlined process allows hosts to capture more reservation revenue, especially during peak and off hours, and for larger more profitable groups.

Optimize Reservations and Improve Customer Experience

Programmable analytics and web dashboards provide operational visibility to deliver even more exceptional customer service.

Streamline Reservations Process and Increase Effectiveness

Hosts and managers are much more productive. They no longer need to trade off seating walk-in guests with answering reservation calls, or dealing with group reservation planning.

Trusted Managed Service

Total Connect Now managed service completely offloads operations personnel from dealing with on-site equipment, broadband, and network services (initial installation, activation, advance problem ID, and ongoing service management). We simply manage everything for you. Owners and managers delight in how well we manage our service, allowing them to stay focused on optimizing their business.

Non-Stop Business Continuity

Real-time businesses, such as FSR’s, which can exceed $400+/hour in revenue, minimize downtime and avoid revenue losses by implementing multiple levels of network resilience. Total Connect Now managed service provides geographic cloud redundancy and Highest Quality Routing with every call, using an on-premise server to monitor call traffic and allow for rapid problem isolation and repair. Total Connect Now provides automatic failover from primary broadband to wireless 4G/LTE broadband backup, ensuring all calls are captured, which is far superior to single call re-routing to an alternate destination (e.g. mobile phone).