Find out how Unified Office helped
Team New Bedford grow their revenue by 35%.

Total Connect Now℠ is a powerful “Business Class” communications managed service with analytics that helps franchisees and store managers drive revenue capture and increase operational effectiveness.
  • Capture all Known and Unknown Missed Peak Calls and Drive New Revenue
  • Better: Promote staff upsell messaging to capture a higher average order size
  • Enhance the customer experience by eliminating busy signals and curbside pickup

We improve process and drive revenue by...

Capturing Peak Revenue Calls

Converting Peak Calls to Incremental Revenue

Avoiding Revenue Losses with Non-Stop Business Continuity

Boosting Real Time Executive Control

Building Your Franchise, not your Communications Service

Increasing Ticket Value and Staff Development

Learn how they did it...

“We went from 5 phone lines to 12…would not have known that we needed 7 or 8 lines…to handle peak order volume. No missed calls since service installed…every peak demand sales record broken multiple times…””

Franchisee Timothy Ambre
Domino’s Logo Network

It's as easy as this 3 step process

1. Start a Conversation
Sit down and discuss your challenges.

2. Detailed Assessment
Our in-depth analysis will
address your challenges.

3. Manage New Growth
Use TCN service to grow revenue and operational effectiveness.

Testimonials from a single pizza shop
to a franchisee owner of 80 Domino's

“We have grown our business, improved our operational efficiency and created a culture of hustle with this service. It’s simply a better way to train and manage our staff to serve the customer.”

Pam Tobie
Owner & Manager of 6 Dominos Stores in San Diego, CA

“With Unified Office .. call volumes and revenues jumped  immediately at our store without any additional marketing efforts…Not only does Unified Office provide superior quality with their service offering, the Visual Performance Suite has  provided us with additional capabilities to further improve our operational performance”

Chris Courtemanche
Vice President of Operations, Dufficy Enterprises

“Total Connect Now and its Visual Performance Suite (VPS) enable us to service a higher volume of customers while measuring the level of store performance and quality of customer engagements”… MAR Pizza has also seen the following benefits from its Total Connect Now: Increased revenue as a result of technology innovations, process improvements, effectiveness, and larger average order size; Increased ability to handle higher call volumes; and prevented revenue loss and ensured business continuity during an unforeseen outage

Robert Scheiper
co-owner and CIO, MAR Pizza Group
(80 store Dominos Franchisee)

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