Current Outage Update

Current Outage Update – October 1

Oct 1, 21:22 EDT:

We and our partners continue to observe expected network behavior with successful call completion. We will continue to monitor and provide updates accordingly. 

Attack timestamps all in EDT:

September 25th: 2:55pm – 6:35pm

September 26th: 10:52am – 2:35pm & 5:39pm – 6:40pm

September 27th: 8:24am – 20:03pm

September 28th: 10:05am – on-going

September 29th: 21:22 – Normal network behavior

Oct 1:0700 – Normal network behavior

Customers may have experienced some or all of the below symptoms:

Calls failing to establish – Callers may receive busy tones, carrier reject messages, or call failed.Calls failing shortly after being established – The caller sees the call start, and then it hangs up or has no audio. The recipient may see the phone ring, but get no audio or the call quickly hangs up.DTMF failing – Callers may be unable to press the number option buttons on IVRs/Auto attendants. 

DDoS – Distributed denial of service attacks – Multiple source machines sending either large amounts of packets/data or intentionally structured packets to receiving machine or group of machines with the intention of overwhelming them into not being able to provide their intended service. In this case the intended services that are being disrupted are phone calls. 
Unified Office will continue to update its customers and partners with relevant information as the situation evolves. This attack is not directed towards Unified Office, our customers, or our infrastructure.

Sean Bevis
Manager of Support
Unified Office, Inc.
Nashua, NH 03063
If you have any questions, concerns, or require additional assistance, please email or contact us at 603-427-9500, option 1